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During Extreme Weather Events, Seaweed Can Boost Cattle Resilience


The weather outside? It’s unpredictable. For most of December, average temperatures were higher than normal in most of the contiguous U.S., generating everything from record-breaking warmth to extreme weather events. In January, meteorologists anticipate a colder and wetter winter in the heartland, and most if not all of Texas is forecasted to have warmer than […]

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Looking to Raise Healthier Livestock? Here Are the 2021 Seaweed Stories That Can Simplify Your Goal


How can seaweed improve the lives and performance of your livestock? It’s a question we’re always striving to answer for our customers. Whether you’re raising cattle or swine, poultry or goats, there’s value you can obtain from our Acadian Kelp™ seaweed livestock feed supplements. Here are some of our 2021 blogs to provide you and […]

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