Acadian Kelp™

Improving Animal and Soil Health

Through Nutrient-Rich Organic Seaweed





As a rich source of prebiotics and nutrients, Acadian Kelp™ products provide animals and soil with the biological building blocks they need to thrive.


Thanks to our organic Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and sustainable harvesting practices, our products encourage the maximum level of health and performance in every package.

Animal Health

The gut health and immunity of production animals and pets start at the prebiotic level. Learn how Acadian Kelp™ provides a safe, organic and antioxidant-rich prebiotic feed ingredient.

Soil Amendment

Plants depend on healthy, nutrient-rich soil conditions to thrive. Acadian Kelp™ works with all soil types to create exceptional growing conditions with nutrients that result in maximizing the yield of organically-grown, healthy and stress-resistant plants.



Research-Proven Results


Decades of research have shown us that nutrient-rich Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed is the species to trust when you want to create macro results starting at the microscopic level.


We exclusively use this seaweed to maximize animal health and optimize soil conditions in all our Acadian Kelp™ products.

Sustainable Resource

For over 30 years, Acadian Seaplants Ltd. has harvested seaweed with sustainability in mind. Our sustainable boat and rake method encourages further seaweed growth, and our resource management minimizes our impact on the ecosystem.

Quality Process

After harvesting our seaweed, we take every care to safeguard product integrity. Our solar and wind drying process ensure that the highest quality, nutrient-rich seaweed products reach our customers.

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