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Want to Overcome Heat Stress in Pigs? What You Feed Them Makes a Difference


Pork producers, like most farmers, are reckoning with sweltering heat. U.S. temperatures are increasingly hotter for longer. When temperatures rise over 77° F, swine store less protein, which impacts farmers’ bottom line and future profitability. The good news is the American pork industry has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 21% during the last […]

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Looking to Raise Healthier Livestock? Here Are the 2021 Seaweed Stories That Can Simplify Your Goal


How can seaweed improve the lives and performance of your livestock? It’s a question we’re always striving to answer for our customers. Whether you’re raising cattle or swine, poultry or goats, there’s value you can obtain from our Acadian Kelp™ seaweed livestock feed supplements. Here are some of our 2021 blogs to provide you and […]

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