Worried about Heat Stress in Chickens? Seaweed Can Help Them Keep Cool


Are we heading into one of the hottest summers on record? If forecasts are correct, farmers worldwide need to prepare their animals for heatwaves. This especially applies to chickens, which struggle to maintain their performance and health during hot weather. Though shaded enclosures, cooling fans and sprinkler systems can keep livestock cool, the right diet […]

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During Extreme Weather Events, Seaweed Can Boost Cattle Resilience


The weather outside? It’s unpredictable. For most of December, average temperatures were higher than normal in most of the contiguous U.S., generating everything from record-breaking warmth to extreme weather events. In January, meteorologists anticipate a colder and wetter winter in the heartland, and most if not all of Texas is forecasted to have warmer than […]

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