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From our very beginnings, Arramara Teoranta has treated the provenance of seaweed in Western Ireland with deep and abiding respect. Our advocacy of sustainability, resource management and reliance on Harvesters who practice eco-friendly harvesting methods has helped keep seaweed abundant in our coastal Atlantic waters. We are serious about our responsibility to the local ecosystem, our Employees, our Harvesters and the people of Connemara. See the story of how the finest Irish seaweed reaches the world.


Our Employees have always been vital to the success of our seaweed products, our local economy and our sustainable future. Learn about the amazing people who put Arramara on the map.


Our Harvesters are the backbone of Arramara Teoranta. Learn how their work feeds the local economy.


For over 70 years, Arramara has proudly processed seaweed in the West Coast of Ireland. Learn our story, our heritage and our traditions.

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The Vision for Arramara

By: Jean-Paul Deveau, Chairman of the Board, Arramara Teoranta

Since acquiring Arramara Teoranta in May of 2014, I am pleased to say that Acadian Seaplants has delivered on the commitments we made. We have worked well with Arramara’s Employees, Harvesters, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to grow and develop the company for the benefit of all. Our investments, resource science and sustainable resource management practices have ensured an ongoing supply of product to Arramara’s customers and we have grown our markets to include several new countries.


As I have said in the past, and reinforce here, the supply of seaweed to Arramara Teo. is central to its success. Arramara will continue to buy seaweed from local Harvesters in the future and do all we can to ensure this longstanding relationship not only continues, but strengthens.


Arramara has a bright future. I see the company benefiting from the new growth opportunities made possible by investments and the transfer of knowledge from Acadian.


I recognize Arramara’s responsibilities to our local economy and for us to remain steadfast supporters of the local language, culture and heritage. As the company develops, its role in the community will also grow.


I am proud that our family-owned company is globally recognized for its sustainable resource management, research, product and processing innovations and community engagement in the areas where our Employees work and live. We will continue to share our best practices to ensure Arramara, its many stakeholders and the seaweed industry in Ireland thrive.

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Sustainable harvesting and resource management can keep Irish seaweed a renewable resource